The Ultimate Gear Guide for First time Snowboarding in South America

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Many people might not think of South America as a destination for snowboarding, but the continent offers plenty of ski/snowboard areas and top-notch amenities. Some popular snowboard destinations in South America include Bariloche, Argentina, Portillo Chile and Parinacota, Bolvia.

As you draw up a checklist of insulated underwear, Chap Stick and beanie hats, here is the ultimate snowboard gear guide to ensure that your first trip is memorable for all of the right reasons.

The Necessities

Some of the must-haves for your might seem obvious, but it important to ensure that you either take all your gear up the mountain with you or have plans to rent equipment in town. First and foremost comes the snowboard itself. There are many different types for different riders and styles. When purchasing one, make sure to have all of the correct information about sizing and board types.

Of course, you will need a number of essential accessories besides just the board. Snowboard bindings are made to fit different and different boards. Some are designed to easily clip in and out, while others take a little more time to fasten at the top of the lift. Board shop employees should be able to help you determine what works best.

Along with the bindings and boards, you will need boots that fit well. The great advantage of snowboarding over skiing is that your feet will be in relative comfort as you walk around the lodge or parking lot before hopping onto your board. Have a ski shop pro assist you with learning how to put on and wear your new snowboard boots.

Other items you will want to invest in include:

•UV protection goggles

•Insulated helmet

•Outerwear jacket

•Snowboard pants

•Long socks

•Beanies, ear muffs, and neck warmers

•A wool or synthetic base layers

Other Comforts to Make a Fantastic Trip

As you are packing for the trip, there are many other accessories that can really improve your time. Here is a list of what you need to be totally prepared:

•Extra socks—Unless you strangely enjoy the feeling of cold, damp socks, you will probably want to bring a couple of extra pairs. Feet sweat in compact boots, and as the moisture absorbed by your socks begins to cool, it will make for icy toes. Invest in long, thick socks made of wool or a synthetic wicking material to dry quickly.

•Pain Medicine—Snowboarding, albeit fun, can prove pretty jarring on the joints, especially as you take a few rookie tumbles. Cold weather can aggravate aches and pains at the end of the day or while trying to sleep. So pack your preferred pain drug like Alieve, Tylonel, Aspirin, or Ibuprofen.

•Protein Bars—A physically demanding sport, snowboarding taxes many body parts that are not used on a daily basis. Filling your jacket pockets with protein bars can provide the body with the right energy to keep going. Bars can also be great if your group does not want to stop boarding to grab a snack from the resort. With a protein bar, the body has fuel without and your wallet won’t have to sustain resort restaurant prices.

•Chap Stick—Affected by the bright sun, dry mountain air and chilly winds, your lips will need to be moisturized often.

•Sunscreen—Up high in the mountains, the sun’s rays bounce off the white expanses of snow creating a harsh glare. Sunscreen helps prevent sunburn from this extreme reflection.

•Swimsuit—Most resorts have indoor pools, outdoor heated pools, or steaming Jacuzzi tubs for muscle relaxation at the end of the day. After spending a day learning how to snowboard, your body will welcome the chance to soak in hot jets and relax.

With this checklist of essential snowboarding gear, you will be totally prepared for a fantastic first trip.

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