3 Tips for Planning to Live as an Expat

An expat is someone who leaves a home country to live somewhere else. Many who live as an expat do intend to do so temporarily, returning to their country at some point. However, during recent years many people have found that the grass seems to be greener abroad with an improved quality of life and a better standard of living, thus never return home.

There are several considerations before one becomes an expat, such as, learning a new language, pets, children, personal finances and much more.

There are many reasons for considering the life of an expat, such as love, work, job transfers, or seeking a new and exciting life. At any rate, there are numerous points  and tips to consider before moving and this post is here to help you sort a few of the major ones before shipping out.

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Paying Your Bills from Overseas

When you decide to take the path of an expat, meeting obligations at home, by paying your bills from overseas, could present a problem for some people. If you set up a bank account overseas, you need to check into what options you have for getting money from your overseas bank to your home banking institution and vice versa.

Figuring out how to continue paying routine bill such as mortgages, rent, or even to getting money to your family can present an issue due to currency exchanges and other formalities. One large help are the various foreign exchange services available. Another great option is to open an account before you leave. There are many banks offering offshore accounts, but Lloyds International Bank is a good option. They have accounts that will let you secure an international money transfer free of charge. They won’t charge for sending money to your newly opened foreign bank account, but your foreign bank might charge to receive the funds so do your research.

Another Language, Another Culture

Another concern might be just your day to day activities in a different culture and language. While this problem may seem minor, it can throw you a few curve balls, like not being able to ask how much something costs at the local grocery stores, etc. Taking lessons in the local language from the get go will not only hope you accustom yourself to the new culture faster, but you’ll be able to interact with locals and make friends much quicker as well.

Be Prepared for Changes

The actual preparation of a new mindset and positive attitude are essential to making an expat transition successful. Research your chosen overseas destination learning the climate and what clothes to pack. It is beneficial to pay off as much debt as possible before leaving as well to free up more of your income/savings.

You should definitely have a complete physical to avoid any physical surprises overseas as well as get vaccinations. Start a new chapter with good health. Do not sweat the small insignificant things on a list, and prepare for the unexpected. Go with the flow. Be prepared for surprises overseas as there will surely be many as you adjust to your new country.

In conclusion, you should compile two lists. One with  your major priorities and another listing the more insignificant things that can be accomplished in the future overseas or at home. Be organized, and be prepared for anything and get finances in order as that should be your number one priority.


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