The Highlights of Casino Cruises

Imagine cruising on the warm seas or even down a major waterway basking in the sun and enjoying an exotic cocktail; imaging gambling in a top class casino, playing the best casino games such as roulette, blackjack, slots and some top class poker, imagine visiting exotic locations en route; imagine combining all of this into a single holiday package and you are beginning to imagine what the highlights of a casino cruise can feel like.

Not all cruise ships are the same, and they cater for a large variety of tastes. Some are quite small, exotic and compact yachts that carry just a few hundred passengers and crew, some are the equivalent of huge floating casinos that you might associate with the kind of casinos you find in Las Vegas, and of course there are many in between.

Majesty of The Seas

Majesty of The Seas

A typical casino cruise consists of a combination of time at sea and visits to a variety of locations where passengers can enjoy shore excursions. These might be sightseeing trips, the chance to spend time enjoying the sun seas and sand on tropical islands and beaches, and even visits to land based casinos. Most casino cruise operators offer a large variety of shore excursions that cater for every taste. While you can enjoy a casino cruise just about anywhere worldwide, the most popular destination is the Caribbean which always provides that heady mix of sun sand and Jamaican rum. Discussion of the future of land-based casinos has been heard recently with the rise of online casinos. Though they may be able to provide the games that their land-based counterparts can offer, one thing they cannot offer is the beauty of a cruise over the open water.

If you are going on a casino cruise to the Caribbean or other far away locations such as Hong Kong, then you generally combine them with a flight to the embarkation point, typically Florida or Mexico. These are called fly-cruises and offer the advantage that you spend more time in the places you wish to visit. If you want to go on a casino cruise from Britain, then they are mostly to the Mediterranean and Adriatic or alternatively to Scandinavia, and you spend several days at sea before you are able to disembark. Not that that should be a particular disadvantage if you want to maximise the amount of time that you spend in the casino.