Top Tourist Attractions In Lake Titicaca

Remnants of the ancient Incan civilization are the backbone for the top tourist attractions in Lake Titicaca

Nestled for beyond 12 thousand feet above sea altitude, the top tourist attractions in Lake Titicaca is a captivating, fine looking, placid watercourse that is highly regarded as holy to the prehistoric Incan Empire.

Today, Lake Titicaca is the biggest lake in South America, capturing the attention of tourists not just in Peru and Bolivia who happen to possess a portion of the lake’s shore line but also of the whole world as well. The lake is a sanctuary to numerous islands which are also premier crowd magnets.

Being the biggest town on the southern edge of the lake which is filled with a lot of restaurant and lodging choices, Copacabana has made it as one of the top tourist attractions in Lake Titicaca.

The Copacabana town is also an abode to a great number of settlements, old Incan mazes and the famous 206 ‘Inca Steps’ which direct to a mount then to a fountain that is also deemed as consecrated.

Isla del Sol is an addition also to the must experience places in the lake. It is the biggest atoll in the lake set on the southern Bolivian borders and boasts of its all-encompassing sights of the Cordillera Real Mountain ranges and the extensive coasts of fine sandy beaches. The island is also a place of dwelling of the Inca Palace of Pilkokaina and composes of a long Inca track that can be trailed across the island.

Mythologies say that a wide anthology of rock configurations were the place of origin of the moon and the sun. Take note that the island has craggy paths and no cemented roads to pass on so trekking shoes are strongly suggested especially when exploring areas such as Challapampa.

For those who would like to be immersed with the rich collection of Lake Titicaca’s history, visiting Huatajata is highly recommended. Huatajata is also an inclusion to the top tourist attractions in Lake Titicaca since it presents a vivid collage of the great heritage and history of the area.

Several cultural displays show the makeup of the famous Totora boats used by early navigators of the lake while audio presentations are also provided to associate the history of the Incas and the Aymaras and the colonial eras and the Jacques Cousteau voyage to Lake Titicaca.

Moreover, the Andean Roots Eco Village has remade the original mud homes of the Chipaya people which are still currently used among the typical locals within the area.

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