The Natural Wonders Of Paraguay

One of the foremost natural attractions of Paraguay is Saltos Del Monday, or Monday Falls.

To say that Paraguay is one of the most beautiful countries in the world is an understatement. More often than not however, neighboring countries like Argentina and Brazil get all the attention. Only a trip to Paraguay will make you realize that it is brimming with natural spectacles, history, and culture. It really has an assortment of attractions that will keep you busy throughout your trip.

The highlights of Paraguay travel are its waterfalls and historic ruins. By that, one could tell that its best tourist spots are either natural or man-made. Below are some of the most amazing natural attractions of Paraguay.

  1. Aguaray Guazu Falls. The free-falling waterfall dives 58 meters down before joining the river. You will find it in Arambay.
  2. Caverna Kamba Hopo. The Concepción attraction is a natural cave along the banks of Paraguay River.
  3. Carapa Falls. The 50-meter waterfall cascades several steps before falling into the river. It is situated in Guairá, particularly the Mbaracayú Forest. Mbaracayú is an ancient forest originating from the Interior Atlantic Forest.
  4. Cerro Chorori and Cerro Koi. Both are sandstone outcrops with stunning hexagonal columns. They can be found in Central Paraguay.
  5. Monday Falls. This powerful waterfall is powered by the Monday River in Alto Paraná. It is about 45 meters tall and 120 meters wide.
  6. Nacunday Falls. Though not as tall or as wide as Monday, locals and tourists alike call it the “Niagara of Paraguay”. It stands 40 meters tall and stretches 110 meters wide. You may also find this majestic falls at Alto Paraná together with Monday. It’s one of the top reasons to visit Paraguay.
  7. Ojo del Mar. It is a small lake in the middle of Amambay. According to folklore, people shouldn’t swim here because it has no bottom. If you do, locals believe you’ll be pulled down by a mystical force.
  8. Suizo Falls. The tallest in the country, this free falling waterfall in Guairá is 62 meters tall.

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