The Best Caribbean Destinations of 2015

Sint Maarten is among the best Caribbean destinations of 2015 ... photo by CC user Clavius66 on wikimedia

Looking for an escape from the stressors in your daily life this year? There isn’t a better place in the world where you can sit back and let your troubles melt away than on one of the islands in the Caribbean Sea. The best Caribbean destinations of 2015 combine electric blue waters with sights, sounds, smells and friendliness that is nothing short of intoxicating.

If you can’t pick just one of the following destinations, planning a Caribbean multi-centre holiday through an online travel agent is the best way to get a bigger impression of this diverse region. On that note, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

1) Antigua

Only 35 years removed from being granted independence from the United Kingdom, Antigua retains many of the cultural quirks that can be traced from its historic association with the British Empire, such as cricket grounds that burst with enthusiastic fans and highly competitive play on weekends.

As for attractions and activities, SCUBA diving rates among the best things to do for active travelers here, as the clarity of the water here is stunning, as are the rainbow colored tropical fish that calls the coral reefs here home.

2) Grenada

Primarily known as the Spice Isle for its productive plantations that have turned out high quantities of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg among other varieties for export to markets around the world. In addition to these products, the island is also known for producing many fine strains of cocoa beans.

As such, be sure to book a chocolate tour when you aren’t stretching out one one of Grenada’s many amazing beaches, jumping into the refreshing gorges of paradisaical waterfalls, or sampling rum at one of many outstanding distilleries.

3) St Maarten/Saint Martin

Ruled in part by the Dutch and the French, St Maarten/Saint Martin is an interesting destination from a cultural standpoint. As usual, the beaches here are a major draw, with clothing optional stretches being present on the primarily on the French side.

If tanning au naturel isn’t a major attraction to you, then be sure to sample the shopping scene on the Dutch and French sides, as the duty-free status of shops here can lead to big savings on objects such as liquor, electronics, and perfume, to name but a few.

4) Cayman Islands

Associated by some with offshore banks, the Caymans are also synonymous with world class beaches. This has been confirmed by the fact that Seven Mile Beach has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s best strips of sand in many top travel publications, but when you tire of reclining on your sun bed, you then have activities like stingray tours and top-tier dining to fall back on.

With this combination of alluring attractions, this isle is never a bad choice for those looking for an extra stop on their Caribbean tour.

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