South America—Where Its At

When you are thinking of traveling to a far off and exotic place, is South America on the list?  Just imagine all of the places you could go and see when traveling through Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru or even Venezuela.  There are quite a few places to go and see that will make your trip to South America something to really write home or even write a personal blog about.

salar de uyuni from space

If you’re a huge fan of sodium, you could pop in to Bolivia to visit the salt flats (or Slar de Uyuni).  Maybe your lips are craving a sip of some Argentinian wine, so that might be one of your choice of destinations.  You could always go and see the world famous Machu Picchu in Peru or maybe even go paragliding across the equator in Ecuador. Any way it goes, there are more trips and adventures then you could possibly imagine for you to discover, stretching across all of South America that will take you throughout a number of countries.

Just make sure, the first thing you do as you are planning your trip, is to set up a way to get there.  Purchasing something such as Southwest tickets will allow you the opportunity to fight over help the battle which is knowing how you are going to get there and how to return home.

So, whether you want to get to the Galapagos Islands to see sights that Charles Darwin laid eyes on or Rio de Janerio, Brazil to see one of the largest statues in the world, you have to set that plan of action and get moving.  South America will be there waiting on you to experience it—but if you do not get started on your travel plans—you will not be able to take these amazing vacations.  It is absolutely doable, as long as you do not tell yourself any different.