Figuring Out The Best Time To Visit Porto Seguro

If you want views like this, the best time to visit Porto Seguro lies around the months of January and February.

Knowing the best time to visit Porto Seguro will help you make the most out of your vacation in this tourist haven in the southern part of Bahia. Famous for its pristine beaches and the well-preserved Mata Atlantica, an original tropical jungle discovered in the 16th century by Portugese explorers, Porto Seguro is nothing short of picturesque and interesting. It is no wonder that this town in Brazil is attracting tourists and travellers from all over the globe.

But certain things can make your trip to Porto Seguro, Brazil unforgettable in a bad way. Weather conditions and crowds can ruin an otherwise perfect vacation. So for the savvy traveller, knowing the best time to visit Porto Seguro can spare you the hassle associated with travelling to any part of Bahia.

Here are a few tips:

Weather. Porto Seguro, just like the rest of the Bahian state, has a tropical climate but with a few variations thanks to the warm and humid winds from the ocean and the cooler winds from the Patagonian side of the town.

The dry season is on August to September, and January to February. The windy season arrives in September and starts to wane by November. Come June, July and August and you’ll experience heavy rainfalls. If you don’t want the rain to spoil your fun in the sun, it’s best not to visit Porto Seguro from June to August.

Best time to visit Porto Seguro. Your best bet for visiting Porto Seguro would be between August to September, or January to February which is the dry season. Humidity is considerable lower during this season, but the temperature remains constantly hot throughout the year.

So if you do plan to visit Porto Seguro anytime of the year, be sure to bring with you some sunblock and light-coloured clothing to avoid absorbing the heat. In addition, it’s best to bring clothes that easily dry, such as dry-fit shirts.

The Catch. During the dry season, hotel rates and air fare prices can still be quite expensive during this time of the year. And, there’ also a big chance that the hotels might be booked at this time. So do make reservations early on to avoid the rush.

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